Proxy Recommendations for desktop tools (Discount code included)

Q: What's the recommended proxy provider for alpha software?

A: HMA is recommended but proxies give IP diversity as long as those are dedicated proxies and working fine. We recommend Squid proxies.

Please find the Squid Proxy discount code, the prices AFTER the discount and the link to buy from below:

Packages (after an exclusive 25% BHW discount):
10 Private Proxies - $18/m
25 Private Proxies - $36/m
50 Private Proxies - $65/m
100 Private Proxies - $120/m
200 Private Proxies - $218/m
500 Private Proxies - $431/m
1000 Private Proxies - $682/m

The "SquidProxies" Guarantee:
* If we cannot give you proxies that work for your purpose, let us know with 3 days of purchase to receive a FULL refund.

Exclusive BHW Discount:
* Order with the promo code "bhwonly" to receive an exclusive 25% discount on private proxies.

Details on our site: