General FAQ

Proxy Recommendations for desktop tools (Discount code included)

Q: What's the recommended proxy provider for alpha software? A: HMA is recommended but proxies give IP diversity as long as those are dedicated proxies and working fine. We recommend Squid proxies. ------------------------- Please find the Squid Proxy discount code, the prices AFTER the discount and the link to buy from below: Packages (after an exclusive 25% BHW discount): 10 Private Proxies - $18/m 25 Private Proxies - $36/m 50 Private Proxies - $65/m 100 Private Proxies - $120/m 20...

Can I run Alpha software on Mac OS?

Q: Can we use Alpha Desktop Applications on Mac OS? A: Unfortunately This is a Windows-based software. However, you can install the software but you will first need to install VMWare to have a windows app, that will allow you to install windows software.

I can't install the software on my PC.

Q: I can't install the software on my PC. A: Please try the following: #1 run CCleaner #2 run registry cleaner via CCleaner then restart your computer #3 download the setup.exe #4 add setup.exe to anti-virus/firewall exception #5 reinstall the software Also, please make sure to add the %localappdata%\Apps location to the Antivirus exclusion list and reinstall the software. It could be the videoviewer.exe is blocked by the antivirus. If the problem persists, please contact our support ...

Bulk Account Creator is not processing properly

Q: I can't create email accounts on Backlink Alpha/Video Synd Alpha but bulk creator seems to be running A: Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue: Please re-register the software after cleaning the license data from the computer. To do that: i) Open Regedit: by clicking on the start button and type "regedit" (without quotes) ii) Then expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Then software folder > Then KISSIM folder. And delete Video Synd Alpha (or the software that's not creati...

How to fix the "Value is out of expected value" Error

Q: I am getting "Value is out of expected value" while installing/updating or at the application startup. A: To fix the error please go to the %localappdata% folder - (you can go to that folder by pressing the start button and typing %localappdata%) Then open the apps folder & rename the folder "2.0" to something else... e.g 2.0 backup then reinstall the app.

Software is broken after the latest update

Q: How do I fix the error I got after the latest software update? A: Please uninstall the software using RevoUninstaller. You can download it here: Then clean all the remaining files then reinstall the software again.